Vowels 6 and 19, /ɒ/ versus //    19 pairs      [codcared.html]

The /ɒ/ vowel is spelled <o>, or <a> after <w> or <qu> in wad and squad. The // diphthong is spelled <air> or <are>, and <ayor> in mayoral or <er> in the place name Termi.

This contrast is between a short back vowel and a front centering diphthong. It is not a problem for any learners.

Interesting pairs include:

hostile hairstyle
moral mayoral
warrior warier

The density value is 1.98%. The pairs make 18 semantic contrasts, giving a high loading of 95%.

Bonn bairn
cod cared 
con cairn 
  cons cairns 
folly fairly 
forest fairest 
hod hared 
hostile hairstyle 
Lodz lairds
moral mayoral 
odd aired 
oz airs 
pod paired 
shod shared 
squad squared
Tommy Termi 
wad wared
warrior warier 
was wares

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, November 2009