Vowels 8 and 18, /ʊ/ versus /ɪə/    6 pairs      [goodgeared.html]

The /ʊ/ vowel is spelled <oo>, <u>, and <oul> in should. The /ɪə/ diphthong is spelled <eer>, <ear> or <eir> in weird.

This is a contrast between a short vowel and a diphthong, widely separated in the mouth. It creates no problems.

The density figure is 0.31%. The set makes 6 semantic contrasts giving a loading of 100%, though that is insignificant in such a short list.

good geared 
pud peered 
should sheared 
stood steered 
wood weird 
woody weirdie 

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, December 2009