Consonants /g/ versus /ʧ/, 111 pairs     [gumchum.html]

The /g/ sound is spelled with <g>, <gg> or <gu> in guide. The /ʧ/ sound is spelled <ch> or <tch>.

The contrast is between a voiced velar stop and a voiceless palatal affricate. It does not cause any problems.

Interesting pairs include:

augured orchard
garter charter
quagga kwacha
stagger stature
vulgar vulture

The mean density value is 2.5%. The list makes 68 semantic distinctions, a loading of 61%.

augured orchard
bag batch
berg birch
big bitch
bog botch
  bogging botching
brogue broach 
dagger dacha
  daggers dachas 
dig ditch
  digging ditching
Doug Dutch
dug Dutch
egg etch
  egging etching
gad Chad 
gain chain 
  gained chained 
  gaining chaining 
  gains chains 
gamp champ 
  gamps champs 
gap chap 
  gaps chaps 
garter charter 
  garters charters 
gat chat
gaud chawed 
gauze chaws 
gawk chalk 
  gawks chalks 
gawky chalky
  gawkier chalkier 
  gawkiest chalkiest 
gear cheer 
  geared cheered 
  gearing cheering 
  gears cheers 
gild chilled 
gill chill 
  gills chills 
gillie Chile 
gillie chilli
  gillies chillies 
girl churl 
  girls churls 
girlish churlish 
  girlishly churlishly 
goes chose 
goo chew 
gore chaw
  gores chaws
  gored chawed
gore chore 
  gores chores
Gorky chalky
guard Chard 
guess chess 
guessed chest 
guest chest
  guests chests 
guide chide 
  guided chided 
  guides chides 
  guiding chiding 
guild chilled
gum chum 
  gummed chummed 
  gumming chumming 
  gums chums 
gummy chummy 
  gummier chummier 
  gummiest chummiest 
hag hatch
hug hutch
keg ketch
lag latch
  lagging latching
league leach 
  leaguing leaching 
league leech  
mag match
mug much 
pig pitch
  pigging pitching
piggies pitches
quagga kwacha 
rag ratch
rig rich 
rigger richer 
rogue roach 
scrag scratch
  scragging scratching
scraggy scratchy
  scraggier scratchier
  scraggiest scratchiest
snag snatch
  snagging snatching
stagger stature
swig switch
  swigging switching
tug touch 
  tugging touching 
twig twitch
  twigging twitching
vulgar vulture
Whig which		   
Whig witch
wig which
wig witch
  wigging witching

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, October 2010.