Consonants /ʃ/ versus /ʤ/, 125 pairs     [shotjot.html]

The /ʃ/ sound is spelled with <sh>, <su> in assure and <ch> in chaise. The /ʤ/ sound is spelled with <j> or <ge>.

This is a contrast between a voiceless fricative and a voiced affricate, both in the same region of the mouth. It is a known problem for many learners, including speakers of French, German, Dutch, Scandinavian languages, Spanish, Greek and Thai.

One taboo word pair is shag/jag.

Interesting pairs include:

languish language
mannish manage

The mean density value is 1.8%. The lists make 60 semantic distinctions, a loading of 48%.

assure adjure 
  assured adjured 
  assures adjures 
  assuring adjuring 
bash badge 
  bashes badges 
  basing badging
  bashed badged
cache cadge
  caches cadges
  caching cadging
  cached cadged
cash cadge
  cashes cadges
  cashing cadging
  cashed cadged
chaise J's 
chaise jays
chef Geoff 
chute jute
hashes Hadjis 
languish language 
  languishes languages 
leash liege 
  leashes lieges
mannish manage 
marsh Marge 
marshy Margie 
mash Madge 
ravish ravage 
  ravishes ravages 
  ravishing ravaging 
  ravished ravaged
roughish roughage 
schist gist 
  schists gists 
shack jack 
  shacked jacked 
  shacking jacking 
  shacks jacks 
shade jade 
  shaded jaded 
  shades jades 
shag jag 
  shagged jagged 
  shagging jagging 
  shags jags 
shaggy jaggy 
  shaggier jaggier 
  shaggiest jaggiest 
shah jar
shahs jars 
shake Jake 
shakes jakes 
shale gaol 
sham jam 
  shammed jammed 
  shamming jamming 
  shams jambs 
shames James 
shape jape 
  shapes japes 
shard jarred 
she G 
shear jeer 
  sheared jeered 
  shearing jeering 
  shears jeers 
sheer jeer
sheep jeep 
shell gel 
  shelled gelled 
  shelling gelling 
  shells gels 
sherry jerry 
  sherries jerries 
shingle jingle 
  shingled jingled 
  shingles jingles 
  shingling jingling 
shin gin
  sins gins
  shinned ginned 
  shinning ginning 
shin jinn  
  shins jinns 
ship gyp
  shipped gypped 
  shipping gypping 
  ships gyps
shirk jerk 
  shirked jerked 
  shirking jerking 
  shirks jerks 
shoe Jew 
  shoes Jews 
shone John 
shoo Jew
  shoos Jews
shoot jute
shore jaw
  shored jawed 
  shores jaws 
  shored jawed
shortish shortage 
shot jot 
  shots jots
Shotts jots
show Joe
shown Joan 
showy Joey 
shudder judder 
  shuddered juddered 
  shuddering juddering 
  shudders judders 
shunter junta
  shunters juntas 
shut jut 
  shuts juts 
  shutting jutting 
slush sludge 
splosh splodge 
  sploshes splodges 
surer juror 
surest jurist 

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, December 2010.