Consonants /t/ versus /ʤ/, 274 pairs     [tagjag.html]

The spelling of /t/ in this list is <t> or <tt>. The /ʤ/ sound is <ch>, <tch> or <tu> where assimilation has occurred as in torture, and it occurs in the letter name H. I am doubtful of the status of teasers/Jesus where it is likely that the last consonant of Jesus could be either /s/ or /z/. Notice how the two pronunciations of ate make pairs with age and edge.

The contrast is between a voiceless plosive and a voiced affricate, close together in the mouth. In general it is not a problem, but Thai speakers may have difficulties with the sounds in syllable-final position.

Interesting pairs include:

bandit bandage
disparities disparages
rotter Roger
tabard jabbered
tension gentian
toccata Jakarta
waiter wager

The mean density value is 1.6%. The list makes 149 semantic distinctions, a loading of 54%.

ante Angie 	
ate age
ate edge
bandit bandage 
Bart barge
bat badge 
batter badger 
  battered badgered 
  battering badgering 
  batters badgers 
Brit bridge
built bilge 
but budge 
  butting budging 
cat cadge 
cert serge
chart charge 
  charting charging 
charter charger 
  charters chargers 
contested congested 
convert converge 
  converting converging 
cottar codger 
  cottars codgers 
detect deject 
  detected dejected 
  detecting dejecting 
  detection dejection 
  detects dejects 
detest digest
  detested digested
  detesting digesting
  detests digests
  detestable digestible
dhotis doges
dirt dirge 
dirties dirges 
disparities disparages 
divert diverge 
  diverting diverging 
dot dodge 
  dotting dodging 
dote doge 
dotty dodgy 
eight age 
eighties ages 
fort forge 
forties forges 
gait gage  
gait gauge
gate gage 
  gating gaging 
gate gauge
  gating gauging  
ghat gorge
gout gouge 
hint hinge 
  hinting hinging 
jut judge 
  jutting judging 
Kate cage
Katie cagey
let ledge 
letter ledger 
  letters ledgers 
lied liege
lot lodge 
marten margin
  martens margins 
martin margin 
  martins margins
mart Marge 
Matt Madge 
mitt midge 
nut nudge 
  nutting nudging 
packet package 
pate page 
pert purge 
phut fudge 
potty podgy 
  pottier podgier 
  pottiest podgiest 
protect project 
  protects projects 
  protected projected 
  protecting projecting 
protection projection 
  protections projections 
protectionist projectionist 
  protectionists projectionists 
protector projector 
  protectors projectors 
puttee pudgy 
rate rage 
  rating raging 
ret Reg 
rotter Roger 
sate sage 
set sedge 
skirt scourge 
  skirting scourging 
slut sludge 
smut smudge 
  smutting smudging 
smutty smudgy 
state stage 
  stating staging 
  statecraft stagecraft 
T G 
  T's G's 
T gee
  T's gees  
ta jar
tab jab 
  tabs jabs 
tabard jabbered 
tack jack 
  tacked jacked 
  tacking jacking 
  tacks jacks 
tacky Jackie 
tag jag 
  tagged jagged 
  tagging jagging 
  tags jags 
tail gaol 
  tailed gaoled 
  tailing gaoling 
  tails gaols 
tailor gaoler 
  tailors gaolers 
take Jake 
tale gaol
  tales gaols
tames James 
tan Jan 
tangle jangle 
  tangled jangled 
  tangles jangles 
  tangling jangling 
tape jape 
  tapes japes 
tar jar 
  tarred jarred 
  tarring jarring 
  tars jars 
taunt jaunt 
  taunted jaunted 
  taunting jaunting 
  taunts jaunts 
tawse jaws 
tea G
  teas G's
tea gee
  tea gees  
tear jeer 
  tears jeers 
teasers Jesus 
tee G
  tees G's
tee gee
  tees gees  
teeny Jeanie 
tell gel 
  telling gelling 
  tells gels 
telly jelly 
  tellies jellies 
ten gen 
  tens gens 
tend genned 
tender gender 
  tenders genders 
tension gentian 
  tensions gentians 
tent gent 
term germ 
  terms germs 
terminate germinate 
  terminated germinated 
  terminates germinates 
  terminating germinating 
  termination germination 
Terry Gerry 
Tess Jess 
test jest 
  tested jested 
  testing jesting 
  tests jests 
tiles Giles 
till gill
  tills gills 
tilt jilt 
  tilted jilted 
  tilting jilting 
  tilts jilts 
Tim Jim 
  Timmy Jimmy 
tin jinn 
Tina Gina 
tingle jingle 
  tingled jingled 
  tingles jingles 
  tingling jingling 
tint tinge 
  tinting tinging 
tip gyp
  tipped gypped 
  tipping gypping 
tipsy Gypsy 
tiro gyro 
  tiros gyros 
to Jew 
toccata Jakarta 
toe Jo 
tog jog 
  togged jogged 
  togging jogging 
  togs jogs 
toggle joggle 
  toggles joggles 
tone Joan 
Tony Joanie 
too Jew
tool jewel
  tools jewels
tool joule 
  tools joules 
toot jute 
toque joke 
  toques jokes 
tot jot 
  tots jots 
  totted jotted 
  totting jotting 
totter jotter 
  totters jotters 
tourist jurist 
  tourists jurists 
tourney journey 
  tourneys journeys 
toy joy 
  toyed joyed 
  toying joying 
  toys joys 
tug jug 
  tugged jugged 
  tugging jugging 
  tugs jugs 
tumble jumble 
  tumbled jumbled 
  tumbles jumbles 
  tumbling jumbling 
Turk jerk
  Turks jerks
  Turkey jerky
tut jut 
  tutted jutted 
  tutting jutting 
two Jew
  twos Jews 
visit visage 
wait wage 
  waiting waging 
weight wage
  weighting waging  
waiter wager 
  waiters wagers 
wet wedge 
  wetting wedging 
writ ridge 

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, February 2010.