Consonants /b/ versus /ʧ/, 226 pairs     [tubtouch.html]

The spelling of /b/ is <b> or <bb>. The /ʧ/ sound is <ch> initially and <ch> <tch> in other positions except in those words like nature and stature where /tj/ has assimilated to /ʧ/ where it is <tu>. Notice how the homograph bows makes pairs with chows and chose.

The contrast is between a voiced plosive and a voiceless affricate, well separated in the mouth. It is not a problem for any learners.

Interesting pairs include:

arbour archer
bellow cello
beta cheetah
boozes chooses
build chilled
ebbing etching
neighbour nature
rabbit ratchet

One pair of doubtful status is stabber/stature, in which, even allowing for the assimilation of /tj/ to /ʧ/, the secondary stress on the second syllable of stature gives it a different rhythm. Would a good poet rhyme stature with thatcher, one could ask.

The mean density value is 3.5%. The list makes 118 semantic distinctions, a loading of 52%.

Abe H
arbour archer
  arbours archers
B's cheese
baa'd chard 
baa'd charred
baas chars
bad chad 
bade chad
balk chalk
  balked chalked
  balking chalking
  balks chalks
balm charm	
  balms charms
bane chain
bar char
  barred chard
  barred charred
  barring charring
  bars chars
bard chard
bard charred
bards chards
bare chair
  bared chaired
  bares chairs
  baring chairing
barge charge
  barged charged
  barges charges
  barging charging
barley Charlie 
barm charm
barring charring
Bart chart
barter charter
  bartered chartered
  bartering chartering
  barters charters
base chase
  based chased
  bases chases
  basing chasing
based chaste
baser chaser
basin chasten
  basins chastens
bass chase
  basses chases
baste chased
baste chaste
bat chat
  bats chats
  batted chatted
  batting chatting
batter chatter
  batters chatters
  battered chattered
  battering chattering
battle chattel
  battles chattels
batty chatty
baulk chalk
  baulked chalked
  baulking chalking
  baulks chalks
bawd chawed
beadle Cheadle 
beak cheek
  beaks cheeks
bear chair
  bearing chairing
  bears chairs
beard cheered
beat cheat
  beating cheating
  beats cheats
beater cheetah
  beaters cheetahs
beaux chose
beck check
  becks checks
beck cheque
  becks cheques
beck Czech 
  becks Czechs 
beef chief
  beefs chiefs
beep cheap
beep cheep
  beeps cheeps
beer cheer
  beers cheers 
  beery cheery
bees cheese
beet cheat
  beets cheats
bellow cello
  bellows cellos
Bern churn
berry cherry
  berries cherries
Bess chess
best chest
  bests chests
beta cheetah
  betas cheetahs
bib bitch
  bibbing bitching
bid chid
bide chide
  bided chided
  bides chides
  biding chiding
bier cheer
  biers cheers
bill chill
  billed chilled
  billing chilling
  bills chills
Billy chilli
  billies chillies
Billy Chile
Billy chilly
bin chin
  bins chins
bine chine
  bines chines
birch church
  birches churches
bit chit
  bits chits
blob blotch
boar chore
  boars chores
boars chaw
  boars chaws
  board chawed
bob botch
  bobbing botching
bobbies botches
boo chew
  booed chewed
  booing chewing
  boos chews
boos choose
booze chews
booze choose
  boozes chooses
  boozing choosing
boozy choosey
  boozier choosier
  booziest choosiest
bore chore
  bores chores
bore chaw
  bored chawed
  bores chaws
bough chow
  boughs chows
bow chow
  bows chows
bows chose
box chocks
box chocs
buck chuck
  bucked chucked
  bucking chucking
  bucks chucks
buckle chuckle
  buckled chuckled
  buckles chuckles
  buckling chuckling
bug chug
  bugged chugged
  bugging chugging
  bugs chugs
build chilled
bum chum
  bummed chummed
  bumming chumming
  bums chums
bump chump
  bumps chumps
bunk chunk
  bunks chunks
bury cherry
  buries cherries
burn churn
  burned churned
  burning churning
  burns churns
burp chirp
  burped chirped
  burping chirping
  burps chirps
cab catch
cabbies catches
cabby catchy
club clutch
  clubbing clutching
dub Dutch 
ebb etch
  ebbing etching
Feb fetch
habit hatchet
  habits hatchets
hub hutch
hubbies hutches
knob notch
lab latch
neighbour nature 
  neighbours natures 
nib niche
nob notch
rabbit ratchet
  rabbits ratchets
rib rich
robe roach 
stabber stature
sub such
tub touch 
tubby touchy 
  tubbier touchier 
  tubbiest touchiest 

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, January 2010.